Environmental Considerations

Environmental Considerations

Every manufacturing process has an environmental impact. The goal of any responsible manufacturing company must be to minimize the impact of their operations. The development and implementation of a company wide environmental policy is vital in the education of workforce and suppliers. Italix Company, Inc has such a policy that is subscribed to by all company employees as a living policy, not a publicity statement.

Environmental Policy

Italix Company, Inc applies the following environmental principals to all its activities: We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance, paying special attention to the following issues:

  1. Effective management of our emissions to air, water and land, seeking their reduction where
  2. practicable.
  3. Compliance with relevant legislation covering any of our operations.
  4. Ensure our processes and operations prevent pollution.
  5. Efficient use of energy.
  6. Minimization of our consumption of natural resources.
  7. Effective management and minimization of our waste streams.

We are committed to working in accordance with and maintaining all the environmental management systems standards.

We are committed to setting environmental objectives and targets and monitoring and reviewing of our environmental performance against these objectives and targets. We will encourage understanding of our environmental policy and objectives by our suppliers, customers and contractors. We will make our staff aware of the environmental implications of their work as it affects our customers and ourselves. We are committed to giving our employees and contractors all necessary instruction to enable them to comply with our environmental policy.

We are committed to providing the resources to enable us to implement our environmental policy.

- Italix Company Inc.