Machining is a highly precise process of metalworking.

Machining is the process of shaping a material, most often referring to metalworking. This process usually requires the use of powered tools such as lathes, milling machines and drill presses. The actual machine work can be done by hand, but today it is most often done through the use of computers.

There are three main processes that can take place during a machining operation; turning, milling, and drilling. Turning requires a machine called a lathe, which spins the material against a cutting tool. Milling works in the opposite, with the cutting tool rotating against a stationary material. And of course, drilling refers to cutting holes in a given material.

Most machining operations must be carried out to very exacting standards. It is for this purpose that CNC machines are commonly used, as they are capable of creating much more precise cuts than can be typically achieved by hand.